What is happening in Yemen?

More than 17.4 million people are hungry and 960,000 children under the age of five are malnourished in Yemen. As a result of many complex crises, Yemen's people struggle to survive. And yet, so few of us know about the crisis in Yemen.

In its eighth year of civil war, systems have collapsed, crippling the economy and limiting the number of functioning government services.

Food prices continue to increase, making it incredibly difficult for families to have enough to eat. Food insecurity continues to rise due to the unstable economy.

ERDO has been working on providing emergency food assistance to vulnerable families over six-month periods. They're focusing on creating sustainable food systems so families have enough to eat for the long term.

What can we do?

In 2019 and again in 2020 Living Waters generously gave to provide life-saving food relief for hundreds of people in Yemen. Now, we have the opportunity to move from crisis relief to long-term development by providing the resources that will allow families to produce and sell their own food which will alleviate hunger for these families and provide income for them.

Each $125 given will support a family to be provided with the supplies, tools, and training to start their own small farm by growing vegetables and raising their own livestock for the next year. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank will match each donation 1:1. So by giving $1, $2 goes towards this project.

ERDO, working with a local partner in Yemen, has launched a three-year project in two sub-districts in Yemen to help people create ways to earn a living. There are a range of complex issues that vulnerable communities in these districts face, including limited access to water and farming practices that don’t allow families to grow sufficient food. Together, we can build sustainable food systems to help families produce and sell their food.

Living Waters, let’s be generous and make a difference for dozens of families in Yemen.

To give now, simply click here. Please designate all giving to "ERDO".