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Monsoon rains have caused devastation in Pakistan over the last three weeks, leaving millions of families devastated, their homes destroyed. We have the opportunity to respond to this crisis by bringing emergency food, clean water and shelter to families in desperate need.

So far, 33 million people have been affected by the floods, which have destroyed over 1 million homes, hundreds of bridges and left families without food, clean water or shelter.

Partnering with ERDO, we will be providing emergency food, shelter and clean water to 24,000 people in need across Pakistan.  

1. We are bringing emergency food baskets to families in need, which could contain: 

  • flour

  • rice

  • cooking oil

  • dry milk

  • drinking water 

2. We will bring shelter and supplies to families, which will include items like: 

  • tents

  • mosquito nets

  • hygiene kits 

3. We will bring community water treatment systems to provide clean water for communities. 

Please respond with generosity today as each dollar you give will be matched by the Canadian government.


*money donated up until the end of Sunday, September 25th will be matched by the Canadian government.