The Real Talk Series is a faith based series designed to tackle some of the harder topics students wonder about and wrestle with.  Our desire is to educate, encourage and equip students as they face some of life's more difficult challenges.  This page will inform you on what topic we are dealing with and will include resources for you (as they come).  

Our first series was on Mental Health.  Here are the counsellor bios and notes.

Real Talk: Mental Health 

Counsellor Bios

Rebecca Farnell

Rebecca Farnell loves people and helping individuals reach their fullest potential. It is no surprise that she was led to pursue a career in the helping profession. She has her Masters in Counselling Psychology and currently works as a counsellor at the Women's Resource Society of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. She works with children and teens who have witnessed abuse. She provides both one on one therapy as well as group sessions. Her passion is play therapy and loves watching her clients express themselves through play. Rebecca is deeply humbled and honoured to be sharing her knowledge on mental health and desires everyone to come to a greater understanding of health and wholeness.

Rebekah Rosenau

Rebekah Rosenau believes her calling in life is to encourage and equip people.  The career that she feels incredibly blessed to express this calling is as a Registered Clinical Counsellor.  Rebekah has her Masters in Counselling Psychology and currently functions in two main roles.  She is a Child and Family Therapist with the Children's Foundation where she provides one-on-one counselling to youth, runs anxiety groups for children and their parents, as well as therapy groups for adolescents in Langley.  Rebekah is also the owner and operator of a private practice in Langley.  Her specialties are grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, and family dynamics. Rebekah believes it is an amazing privilege to be able to walk with people through their counselling journey.  Her desire to is help people live well and experience restoration, healing, and growth.

Shawna Langridge

Shawna Langridge is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who holds a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from ACTS Seminaries. Back in 2008, she discovered that her passion is helping vulnerable youth discover a deeper understanding of who they are and want to be in the midst of their challenges, and utilizing the unique strengths that lie within each person to help them create lives that they in turn can be passionate about. Since that time, she has never looked back, working as a Mental Health Clinician at Abbotsford Child and Youth Mental Health (BC government), serving youth struggling with all forms of mental health disorders. She specializes in teens struggling with self-harm, suicidality, PTSD and/or emerging schizophrenia and personality disorders. Further, she has been part of the CARES counselling team since 2009, providing subsidized counselling to individuals, couples and families. She is excited to be able to use her clinical knowledge to help increase understanding and compassion within our church community for those who are struggling with mental health issues.

Mental Health Notes

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Our second series was on Identity.  Here are the session descriptions, notes + audio (to be added shortly)

Real Talk: Born Identity

Session Descriptions

Born Identity: Human Beings with Kirsten Anonby   

Talk Description: In this talk we will attempt to define identity and discuss how it is shaped in our society, particularly in contrast to how people have historically gained a sense of self. We will then look at Genesis 1-3 to explore what the Bible says it means to be human. We will ask what the implications are that we were created good by God, that we reflect God's image, and that part of our reflection of God's image is our creation as male and female. We will also explore the implications sin has on our identity as people. My hope is that this talk will better equip us to decide what voices are going to speak to us about who we are, and will help us to understand and embrace the powerful and significant identity that we have been given by our good God. 

Born Identity: Relational Beings with Kim Quigley

Talk Description: We are relational beings and have a Relational Identity - that is exactly who God made us to be when he made us in his image.  But, relationships aren’t easy, in fact, they’re quite tricky and figuring out who we are in a relationship with others is no easy task. In our chat about our Relational Identity we will be looking at what it means to be made for relationships, what relationships require of us, what the risks are in relationships and how we have healthy boundaries to maintain our Relational Identity.

Born Identity: Sexual Beings with Kirsten Anonby

Talk Description: What is a Christian understanding of sexual identity? In this talk we will look at God’s intended purpose for sex (spoiler alert—God is pro-sex, it was his idea). We will then explore how our culture has both downplayed and idolized the purpose of sex; and discuss the cultural assumptions about the role sex should play our lives. We will ask questions about how our sexuality shapes our self-understanding: how much of my identity do I want to come from my sexuality? Do my attractions determine who I am? Who does Jesus say I am as a sexual being? We will by no means be able to thoroughly cover these questions, but my hope is that this talk will empower us to think critically about cultural ideas surrounding sexuality and identity, and that we can learn how to reconcile our life of faith with our sexuality, even if they feel like they are in conflict.

Born Identity: Jesus with Jon Imbeau

Talk Description: When it comes to our identity as people, followers of Jesus Christ believe the most extraordinary thing. They actually believe that when they crossed the line of faith in Jesus they were given a new identity and that their old one has gone away. It actually died. This new identity has been given to Jesus followers and it is an incredibly deep and intricate thing, full of great gifts and new life. Knowing about this new identity is of the greatest importance to believers because of how meaningless it would be to continue living out the way they were before they came to faith. With this in mind we are going to take a close look as a youth group into what that new life in Christ is. We will explore the reality of our nature being holy, light, full, free and ultimately Christ himself!

Born Identity Notes

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