We value many things. There are some things that are particularly important to us; we call them our core values. They act like guide posts as we move forward. These are the things that make us tick.


We desire to be the real thing: followers of Jesus who say what we do and do what we say. Authenticity means we are honest with God and one another about how we're doing and how we're feeling, when things are great and when things are hard.


We recognize that God has designed us to be together. We care for one another, we honor one another, we are encouragers, we are challengers, and we are there for each other. We love each other. While we have great community together on Sundays and at special events when we are together as a large group, we also see community happening at an even deeper level in small groups and at places and times we deliberately engage one another in meaningful relationship. Our desire is to see everyone cared for and caring for others.


We are a people who recognize God for who He is and because of that we are drawn naturally to a place of worship. Our worship doesn't have to fit a particular box and is open to expressions of the Spirit. We believe worship is expressed throughout our whole lives.

The Great Commission

We are a people who understand the church is not limited by its building or by a street address. The church is us and we are called to reach beyond our walls and impact the lives of those who are far from God who live there. We see the sphere of our influence ranges from our backyard to our world. We are passionate about the Gospel that has set us free.

Spiritual Formation

We're people who journey to be more like Jesus. We respect the notion that we are at different places along the way and celebrate the fact each of us has chosen the same path. Our path is one of experiencing God in His fullness, of learning to be Christ-like and then applying what we have learned in love. We are a people of prayer. We are a people who follow the ways of the Bible and understand our spiritual formation is not complete without a disciplined life that includes both. To know Jesus more is to hunger for more. We wish to be a people hungry for spiritual formation.


As Jesus was generous, so too do we wish to be a generous people. Our desire to be known for our generosity so that God may be glorified through us. Generous as we give to the church and the work of God, generous with each other in ways that are surprising and testimony to our love for one another. Generous with those who are around us and who may decide what Christianity looks like based on our behavior. We wish to be generous because Jesus is generous.

Recognizing and Releasing

Each believer has a God given gift allowing them to help build the church, fulfill its vision and make a difference. We value not only the recognition of these God given gifts but also the releasing of these gifts. When we are empowered and released in the things God has called us to, amazing things happen.


If you would like to hear from members of our community and their experiences with these values, please feel free to listen to the This Is Our Church series.